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Henan Haiku V


Henan Haiku V

Stone-faced man standing

arms crossed, counting cars all day

at U-Smile shop next door.

This marks the fifth and final in my series of Henan Haiku. These five small poems are intended to form a vignette of life on the road in Henan Province, China. The words suggested themselves on a bus trip through the industrial sprawl that is so characteristic of that countryside, as monkey faced men and apartment holes slipped by, people caught in the small details of a daily routine: dirty trees, the three-wheeling, cardboard crushing piecemeal scene.

© E. C. Richardson


Henan Haiku IV


Henan Haiku IV

Man approaching bus:

Sunken cheeked wild eye monkey

man. Approaching bus.

© E. C. Richardson

Henan Haiku III

Old steel skeleton
Steals empty apartment hole:
The way the world lives.


© E.C. Richardson

Henan Haiku II


Henan Haiku II

Bumper to bumper,

Cardboard-crushing three-wheeled

China churns and thrills.

© E. C. Richardson

Henan Haiku


Henan Haiku I

Above dirty trees

A satellite dish on a

Window shell sings pleas.

© E. C. Richardson