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Outside: The House of Opera

And here’s the Sydney Opera House where those white-sail walls are worth a look.



Then there’s the harbour bridge…



And the ferries…



Sam-bro’s coffee cruise

Coffee overlooking the saltwater baths.

Newcastle or “Newy” in New South Wales is a comfortable three hour train journey from Sydney central. It’s an interesting mix of industrial enterprise interspersed with beaches, pelicans, cappucino and classy red motorbikes.

Passing pelicans. These patient locals wait for fish scraps at the marina.

Newcastle Beach: warm enough for a mid-winter swim.

My brother Sam lives there too. Here he is with his BMW bike.

Round town on the red machine!

Sam's house.

Sam’s house.

Cruising round between coffee shops is an enjoyable way to see the sights. This morning coffee club in the suburbs provides plenty of leafy trees, and a good gathering place. The kids are conveniently congregated  on a nearby trampoline.

On the (off) road to Amata

On the (off) road to Amata

Dust, corrugations, dead cars…and Mt Connor background.

I have been to Eden, but I’ve never been to Bollywood!

The New South Wales South Coast is a special place. Special because some of my family lives there and special because it is a place of blue ocean, clear wetlands, migratory whales and walkways. There is a chip-mill at the southern side of Twofold Bay. It is close to the start of the Light to […]