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Bye Plane.

The shadow passed directly overhead, no prior notice. No wing-beats or engines, just the temporary darkening of the sun. I squinted upwards. The return of the dinosaurs? Haast’s Eagle rebuilt from stem cells, on a maiden voyage to the coast? Hardly. Just a plane. But right then, as I stood on the sand– stick in […]

Seal’s Up!


The beach is a friend of the morning:

Each a sheet in the sea of the sun.

The seal pup is playing the mouth

Of the river that swallows the sea.

The seal pup is playing for fun:

He’s not in this business for food,

There’s a wave at the bay that he’s chasing,

The woman is waving away

The rise of the tide is dawning,

The sun rose the previous morning,

The seal pup is playing the tides,

And the woman is playing for time.

The seal is after a fish

That spins away from the mouth

The seal gives up the chase,

The woman is walking south.

The woman is cooking tea

In a caravan by the sea.

The fish is in the pan

And the seals are sailing south.

The river is widest at the mouth,

Where it turns towards the south.

The river is a silver ribbon

In a sea of silver-black.

The woman is a sea of mourning,

A sea of grief and salty tears

In the shadow of the morning

She shall not look back.

Saw a log…


Or chop it! This picture was taken at the Ross Wood-chopping Competition late last year. Team Hokitika carved out the competition (at least some of the time) and the rate at which we saw whole logs disappearing was impressive.