Health: the Happiness bug

Dedicated to Health. That fundamental state of being when things are good; when mind and body function smoothly. When there is no pain, illness or malaise we say like to say we’re heal…

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Pest Free New Zealand: Why it Won’t Happen

In as long as it takes for a stoat to kill a kiwi chick, here’s why predator free New Zealand won’t work:


The penultimate possum plays dead…

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What is there to like or share

To hash or tweet or tag or tear

In abject dark despair?

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I pursue your fleeting form,

Assure myself of August days

(There are thirty one)

Trust in paper

And pensive paper (128 pages,


An epiphany in rags,

The typecast table turning green,

Your skipping form ahead of me

A letter, Re: unstable.


© E.C. Richardson



In the Happy Meridies

Great rain-soaked land,

Your green and luscious soul

Is listening in

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Henan Haiku V


Henan Haiku V

Stone-faced man standing

arms crossed, counting cars all day

at U-Smile shop next door.

This marks the fifth and final in my series of Henan Haiku. These five small poems are intended to form a vignette of life on the road in Henan Province, China. The words suggested themselves on a bus trip through the industrial sprawl that is so characteristic of that countryside, as monkey faced men and apartment holes slipped by, people caught in the small details of a daily routine: dirty trees, the three-wheeling, cardboard crushing piecemeal scene.

© E. C. Richardson

Henan Haiku IV


Henan Haiku IV

Man approaching bus:

Sunken cheeked wild eye monkey

man. Approaching bus.

© E. C. Richardson